Background and Educational Information

Ministry of Health Services & Ministry of Children and Family Development Report: Healthy Minds, Healthy People – A Ten-Year Plan to Address Mental Health and Substance Use in British Columbia (November 1, 2010)

Here is a link to the Presentation that WHAC gave on September 9, 2015 to our MLA, Regional Mayors, and other officials. Please read this for the latest update on what WHAC is doing, has done and hopes to do! This one really IS essential reading — enjoy!


CIHS Operations Administrator (Thompson Cariboo Rural), Bernadine Easson recently referenced the following three guiding policy documents from the Ministry of Health that Interior Health is working from.
They are definitely worth taking the time to read as they will help you better understand what issues the Ministry of Health is facing, and what steps may be taken to solve the many problems facing health care in BC.

Here are the links to the PDF files: (they will open in a new browser window)