Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician

Vickie Farnell

  • Works from Spences Bridge to Clinton under the Ministry of Children and Families Voluntary Services.
  • Referrals come from the teens, family, doctors and teachers.
  • Most of her work is in schools with parents and children under 18 years.
  • Does clinical and sub-clinical levels of work.
  • Deals with depression and anxiety.
  • Works with psychiatrist, Dr. Kermantian in Kamloops to deal with serious mental illness.
  • Can refer teens to eating disorder clinics at the Psych Unit in Kamloops.
  • Does risk assessments for suicidal youth.
  • Does adult mental health.
  • Her office is run through Interior Health.
  • Mental health clinicians at our hospital are Victoria and Therese.
  • Laura is another worker out of the Elizabeth Fry office in Ashcroft.
  • After hours, doctors assess patients and if they are not available, patients are sent
  • by ambulance to Royal Inland Hospital.


  • Teen Youth Leader – North Kamloops – Phone: 250-371-3648
  • Can be referred to an Infant Mental Health Clinician at – Phone: 250-554-5823